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Visit London Massage 4 U - (By appointment only please)

Suite 3, 7 Harley Street 

Phone: 07786 971943

Second Location In Godalming Surrey:

We also have a location in Godalming Surrey. Please Call/Email/Text to find out which days/times treatments are run from there on a week to week basis.

  • The clinic address 7 Harley street, W1g 9qd. (Just behind John Lewis), next to Cavendish Square. The entry is from Harley street not Wigmore street.
  • When you arrive please PRESS number 3 (that's not the number of the room but the intercom number), then PRESS "call", and go to the second floor. (you won't be able to find the name of my company outside the building or in the corridor).
Please do not enter the building by following other people because I will have no idea that you are already in the building .

If you arrive early, please wait in reception at 1 Harley street (on the corner). It is next to 7 Harley street. This is because I am normally fully booked and won't be able to open the door for you in the middle of a treatment. It's best if you can arrive just approximately 5 minutes before your appointment).

The reception closes at 5:30 pm. If your appointment is at 6pm or later please go to 7 Harley Street directly.

If you did the booking for someone else (family, friend etc), please provide their details (name, phone number - otherwise I will not able to contact them).

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