Hand or Foot Paraffin

Hand or Foot Paraffin Manicure Treatment

Hand or Foot Paraffin: Hand paraffin

Petroleum-based paraffin wax is used to soften and soothe the skin on the hands and feet. Your hands are submerged in the warm liquid wax of a paraffin hand spa, and the wax then hardens slightly on your skin and is removed after a few minutes. The paraffin wax helps deep-moisturise and condition the skin on your hands, and your nails and cuticles.
The paraffin wax acts as an emollient, which helps trap moisture in the skin. Once the paraffin has been rubbed or peeled away, rough hands and dry cuticles are left soft and moisturised.

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Hand Paraffin Treatment - 30 min only £20    BOOK
Hand & Foot Paraffin Treatment - 60 min only £35    BOOK

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