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About Me

My massage is a therapeutic massage based on a range of techniques, including Swedish, Thai, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue Sport, and Indian Head massage. I am LCM qualified from the London College of Massage and pride myself in providing an exceptional and professional service. I am fully insured with holistic insurance services.

I treat both male and female clients, either from comfortable therapy rooms in Harley Street, or, for a small additional travelling cost (£10), from the comfort of your own home or hotel. Read some of the testimonials from my clients and you will hopefully see the potential my massage therapy has for improving balance and well being to your life!

I undertake a full consultation with new clients to understand their specific needs so that the massage therapy can be tailored accordingly and to also understand any underlying medical factors. Please note that whilst my massage treatment is very relaxing, no sensual services are provided. Please do not embarrass yourself or me by requesting these services.

The easiest way to book a massage with me is to check my availability and book on line, or alternatively call me on 07786 971943. Please note that for online bookings I require a £10 deposit to be paid through Paypal. I would also encourage you to read the benefits associated with massage therapy and the contraindications.
  • Call To Book

    Call: 07786 971943
  • Call To Book

    Call: 07786 971943

Benefits of Massage

Massage benefits in three ways:
  • Physical – Body systems
  • Physiological – Mind and body
  • Psychological – Mind
  • In particular massage:

Aids relaxation:
  • Relieves stress and fatigue.
  • Improves circulation of the blood and lymph systems.
  • Releases toxins and muscular tension.
  • Raises endorphins and promotes healing.
  • Aids lymphatic drainage.
  • Reduces pain and tension; increases flexibility.
  • Spiritually centring and nourishing.
  • Removes blockages and improves vitality.
  • Aids muscles growth and performance.


You can not receive massage therapy if you:

  • Have eaten a heavy meal within two hours of the start of your therapy session.
  • Consumed alcohol or non-prescribed drugs before or directly after massage.
  • Are extremely weak or clinically exhausted with influenza or any viral illness.
  • Have a high temperature or infectious disease including infectious skin conditions.
  • Have serious medical conditions such as cancer, serious heart disorder, stomach ulcers or other ailments of the internal organs.
  • Have had major surgery in the last 12 months or minor surgery in the last 6 months.
  • Are in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.
On your first meeting with me I will require you to complete a short questionnaire so that I have a full understanding of any health related matters which may affect the massage treatment provided.
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