Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai Yoga Mat Massage

Traditional Thai Yoga Mat Massage

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage can be more effective than physiotherapy or medication in helping people to recover after a stroke, by returning mobility and feeling to their limbs. It is also extremely effective in treating frozen shoulder, asthma, back and many other conditions.

There are several reactions that that you can expect after receiving a massage. Two most common initial feelings are extreme tiredness, which is a sign that old and negative energy is leaving the body, and a feeling of having lots of energy, which indicates that new energy is flowing into the body.
Whatever your first reaction, you can expect that your energy will be balanced after a few days. This means that even if you felt vet tired immediately afterwards, once this feeling passes you will usually be conscious of having much more energy.

Other benefits include greater flexibility in the joints, enhanced blood circulation, better alignment of the body, improved posture and additional stimulation of the internal organs, which helps them to function optimally. Thai yoga massage also gives the receiver a feeling of relaxation and tranquility that is invaluable for today's stressful life.

Choose Your Treatment Length Below:

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage 30 Mins - £30   BOOK
Traditional Thai Yoga Massage 60 Mins - £50   BOOK
Traditional Thai Yoga Massage 90 Mins - £70   BOOK

Course of 6 treatments (A Total of 6hrs for the price of 5) - £250   BOOK


As this is a mat massage and not carried out on a table, please wear comfortable clothes for this treatment. If this is not possible, comfortable clothes are available on request.

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